Endorsements for

Faith is Not Blind



Samuel Gage, Pastor,

Brooklyn Baptist Church

"Far too many Christian kids leave the faith after leaving home, and we've ignored the problem too long instead of honestly figuring out why we can't disciple our own children. This book offers a solution. Joey Odell shows that a salvation experience is not the end, but the beginning of a lifetime of growing strong and fruitful in the faith. Along with addressing the importance of intellectual development and the role of science in a Christian’s life, the book offers a very practical roadmap of topics and books to read and study as young adult. As a pastor, my heartbeat is discipleship, and this is the book I’ve been waiting for someone to write."



TJ Menn, Author,

Faith to Foster

"Faith is Not Blind" challenges mature Christians to accept responsibility for mentoring the younger generation.  Joey Odell presents a strong, systematic argument for how the current church struggles to disciple young believers, but he also suggests ways to correct our current course.  A fantastic and quick read that will inspire you toward an effective and productive knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."


Bradford Smith, Pastor, Author, Founder of The 413 Project

"A quick and powerful read with an urgent message. Odell's systematic approach demands action, that a Christian ought to employ perhaps their greatest asset given by God...their mind."



Thomas McKenzie, Pastor, Speaker, Author of The Anglican Way

Faith is Not Blind is a needed resource for pastors, teachers, and parents hoping to instill Christian values in younger people. It's also a fantastic reading list for those of us who have gaps in our knowledge, especially around issues of doctrine, critical thinking, and apologetics. Odell comes from the heart of the classic, conservative school of thinking, and this book will help lead others in that tradition.

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